Fruitville Rd US41

2014 plan image marked 2016.

Blue middle bracket > 1 mile soon-to-build: Fruitville to 14th Street.           10th to 14th on US41 is now in the FDOT development with construction FY 2015-16.  See FDOT website

A modern roundabout at Fruitville involves land contributed by the Quay project and the City impact fees etc. making 2016 completion possible.                                                                                                                                                             The Fruitville modern roundabout at US41, by allowing a continuous right turn onto Fruitville from northbound US41 will relieve the in-season back-up onto the Ringling Bridge.  This Ringling Bridge “right on red” problem at Fruitville is demonstrated at .

Red arrow North > 2 miles North Trail Redevelopment/Revitalization. A Multimodal Corridor from 14th Street to University Parkway

Red arrow South > 1.5 miles Bayfront Connectivity from Fruitville to Osprey

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