US41 Multimodal Momentum

Momentum logoJanuary 12, 2015 –
US41Momentum is a Sarasota Bayfront 20:20 Official Stakeholder.

3 responses to “US41 Multimodal Momentum

  1. I believe roundabouts make a big difference. They help traffic flow. I was wondering if your committee had studied the Jacaranda roundabout in Venice? I seem to hear about it often on the traffic report in mornings and afternoons for delays. Hopefully they have learned how to navigate. It’s been in place for 2 years now and would like to know the accident ratio reports from the beginning till now…it’s population is older than Sarasota ((not that much) but still a learning curve for our seniors and others. Are those stats available for your committee? Has this been discussed in your group? Thank you for your information.

    • Yes, Becky, we have monitored the Jacaranda roundabout from its beginning and recognize what you see. I have driven and walked through it many times. When the FDOT gets closer to the opening of the US41 roundabouts we will put on “training” videos to overcome the fender benders that have occurred at Jacaranda — which we think is driver not understanding that the “YIELD” to vehicles on your left when entering ALSO applies when the driver is inside the roundabout. Yield means yield to all vehicles and pedestrians on your left in the roundabout ALWAYS . Driver in the roundabout before you got in has the right of way, even though he may be crossing your outside lane to get out of the roundabout from the inside lane.
      Be wary … If you get hit on your left side when you are inside the roundabout, the ticket will be yours for “failure to yield” which, I saw the Jacaranda accident report, are most of the Jacaranda crash tickets.
      The driver inside the roundabout who was there before you, regardless which lane he is in – say direct eastbound thru E Venice Ave, or inside lane E Venice Ave to left turn out North Jacaranda has the ROW to get out safely. That driver’s exiting behavior would make a difference if – that driver, well advised and self-serving to be cautious, should/would do as would do when driving any road with more than one lane – when intending to change lanes (inside lane crossing outside lane to get out) the driver should use his turn signal (right turn signal) to tell all “am changing/crossing lanes to exit now,” It is the outside lane driver’s obligation to let him out. Those roundabout rules apply nationwide and are working even where three-lane roundabouts (like Michigan).

      To get a Driver’s License should require roundabout training (what a concept!), Nationwide roundabout designers continue to study how better to sign and stripe multi-lane roundabouts to make them safer and flow smoothly.

      Thank you for your concern and interest, Becky

      rounding off…
      ~ Rod Warner … for…

    • Becky, as an individual on the MPO Citizens Advisory Committee, was active in monitoring the Venice Bypass widening process all along., Please review our website
      set up circa 2011 during a Bypass Peer Review. We see no reason to update any fact on the website except one: The Venice median age is 66.7 US Census – meaning more than half the Venice residents older than that. You may want to attend the FDOT Bypass presentation Tuesday October 14th 5 PM at the Venice Community Center. Glad you are interested..
      Rod Warner, a Sarasota County Representative to the Sarasota Manatee Metroplitian Planning Organization

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