10th-14th & Boaters

FDOT @ 10th 14th Bayfront projectSee the FDOT website for the US41 Multimodal Corridor project in progress for US41 from 10th street to 14th street at  www.us41roundabouts.com/  

US41Momentum  is urging the FDOT to compress this completion calendar to December 2016. see countdown in left panel


Boaters access/exit to City boat launch area, UPDATED

&  view 10th-14th  corridor and roundabout movement  at

These VISSIM simulations above were created for the US 41 PD&E Study and are a general representation of the expected traffic conditions in the year 2021 for the US 41 corridor between 10th and 14th Street in Sarasota, FL.  Focus on boater ingress/egress at Centennial Park boat launch in the video and the images below. Should be work fine for 18wheelers and truck&boat trailers 77 feet long.Centennial Park_exiting Dec2012 Centennial Park_entering Dec2012

Clearwater Roundabout moving

ARIZONA DOT Large Vehicle Demo

For Indian Beach Sapphire Shores & other Sarasota Neighborhoods 

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