We are convinced a US41 multimodal corridor from USF to Osprey Avenue is a significant economic development opportunity of great value to both City and County.  Urgent action toward that end contributes to the redevelopment of the North Trail and addresses Bayfront walker safety and mobility while relieving traffic backup on the Ringling Bridge.

Conceived in 2000, adopted as the Sarasota City 2020 Master Plan, and assigned top priorities by this and other City Commissions, US41 North Trail Revitalization and Bayfront Connectivity projects have been stalled too long,

Our immediate goals are to secure a priority position in the MPO funding calendar for the entire corridor, as well as compress the FDOT construction calendar to the fiscal year 2014-15  for  the US41 multimodal segment from Fruitville to 14th Street.

We firmly believe these goals can be achieved.  We do understand the effort required. Creating momentum will take coordinated determination from not only the City and County commissions, but the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, educational institutions, airport authority, property owners, business owners, and residents.. i.e. depth of community support.

This achievement will create a model of a working successful multimodal corridor that does not exist in the state of Florida.  As collateral benefit, created momentum will encourage positive land-use infill along the North Trail.

We are committed to this effort, contributing our time and talents, with financial interest.  We expect the Sarasota City and County Commissions  to also take the needed action by voted resolution and staff direction to apply their full political weight to attain this safer multimodal mobility through this key corridor so important to both jurisdictions.  Together we can contribute a long-lasting positive economic and livability impact for our community.

David Morriss – North Trail Redevelopment Group.
Roger Barry – Assignment Downtown Council & Resident.
Ron McCollough – Assignment Downtown Council & Resident.
Rod Warner – MPO CAC Sarasota County Representative.
email: US41Momentum@comcast.net phone: 366-6891 or 924 2400

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