Economic Vitality

Economic Benefits of Multimodal Corridor with Roundabouts:

  • Inviting welcome to Sarasota and Safer Easier access to Downtown.
  • Sales stimulated for adjacent businesses.
  • Promotes positive corridor Land Use Infill.
  • Economic benefits to individual US 41 corridor users.

  > as Economic Revitalization of Sarasota’s US41 and Downtown is a primary objective of US41 Multimodal Momentum, each economic benefit category is expanded below: 

  • Inviting welcome to Sarasota and safer easier access to Downtown.    The effect of combining smooth traffic flow and pleasant aesthetic roadway treatments with self-promotion potential in modern roundabout centers creates that safer welcoming introduction to the many amenities of the Sarasota region.     USA cities are recognizing the marketing value of the City’s identity expressed in roundabout center treatments, as Sarasota’s Five Points accomplished: a sense of place, who we are, context sensitive. These centers avoid being typical could-be-anywhere get-by cheap.
    A roundabout center vertical feature announce to users Sarasota’s perception of self while improving safer mobility.
  • Promotes positive corridor Land Use Infill.  Construction of the multimodal corridor with roundabouts will promote positive land use infill along the North Trail Corridor of Sarasota.  Improved pedestrian access and slower traffic speeds will enhance access to businesses and other services along the North Trail.  Property values will be enhanced and higher and better uses of the land will be attracted.  There is significant potential for foot traffic to be generated from the three institutions of higher education located along this corridor if it a) is walkable; and b) attracts new businesses to serve these pedestrians.
  • Sales Improve for adjacent business along a multimodal corridor.  Substantial literature, case studies and operating examples illustrate the proven ability of roundabouts in a  multimodal corridor to move traffic efficiently, prevent congestion,   and provide excellent business access solutions not feasible with signals. Roundabouts have consistently proven their ability to move traffic more efficiently, and remove “bottlenecks,” facilitating improved access, vitality, growth and viability for both convenience- and destination-type commercial and retail businesses. see Impact on Traffic Flow and Business, Transportation Research Board (TRB)  and
  1. Adjacent business signage and store frontage  is more visible and noticed.
  2. Provides easier safer customer access to those businesses.
  3. Calming speed and being more pedestrian and bicycle friendly improves their access to neighboring businesses… such as shorter safer walker crossing distances.
  4. Aesthetics and the functionality of a multimodal corridor helps create a revitalized feeling for the businesses along the roadway.
  5. Where modern roundabouts stimulated business:                   Golden Colorado retail strip experienced 60% increase in sales after opening series of four modern roundabouts.  Business owners agreed that slower speeds and safer travel enhanced business along the corridor. (see slide #26)    AND                         AND roundabouts- in-series                                                                                                                               Glens Falls NY Business people tell of Roundabout impact on their businesses adjacent to modern roundabout in Glenn Falls, New York.. They like it.!!!

  AND  Carmel, IN, experience with roundabouts… December 20, 2010 …the more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly transportation network provides residents and visitors with easier access to merchants, parks, and recreational areas, encouraging economic growth in the community… “Businesses don’t just want to be where people are, they want to be where customers can easily and safely access their location. Roundabouts provide an excellent way to move traffic more smoothly and prevent gridlock in retail areas and office centers. Safe and environmentally-friendly roundabouts have helped facilitate our community’s business growth” – Mo Merhoff, President Carmel Chamber of Commerce. Ph 317.846.1049 ( and                                                                                           

  • Check out these other  USA corridor retail settings: •Banks Street etc, Jackson, MS •Prairie Star Parkway, Lenexa, KS, •County Road, Mt. Horab, WI •Rocky Mountain/McWhinney, Loveland, CO, access to retail plaza.    
  • Federal Highway Administration – Evaluating Performance of Corridors with Roundabouts.  Roundabouts are increasingly recognized as an intersection control strategy that can fulfill multiple performance goals related to traffic operation and safety, and meet societal goals related to sustainability, livability, complete streets, context sensitive multimodal design, economic development, and others. AND see the FHWA modern roundabout video
  • Economic Benefits to individual US 41 multimodal corridor users:
  1. Travel Time Saved.    Travel time through a  high speed congested corridor takes longer when signals interrupt the flow – roundabouts are quicker, though speed through is slower. Counter intuitive, yes, but true.
  2. Vehicle Fuel/Maintenance/Insurance Savings.  Idling, waiting , at a STOPlight change wastes on average 24,000 gallons of fuel per year per intersection,  compared to modern roundabout. “Constructing roundabouts in place of traffic signals can reduce fuel consumption by about 30 percent.” Insurance Institute of Highway Safety “Status Report #9,”  and question # 7 to 45 mph and back to idling, over and over, increases vehicle maintenance costs, especially for trucks and buses.  Modern roundabouts significantly moderate machinery wear with lower speeds, with less delay, yielding to traffic flow instead of extended stop.         Carmel, IN, (see above) a city of 80,000 with 68 roundabouts experienced reduced auto insurance rates in  Zip codes where roundabouts eliminated head-on and broadside crashes from red light running.  People do make mistakes but accidents more likely fender benders.
  3. Air Quality Improves     Replacing traffic signals with roundabouts reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 32 percent, nitrous oxide emissions by 34 percent, carbon dioxide emissions by 37 percent, and hydrocarbon emissions by 42 percent per intersection.  Insurance Institute of Highway Safety question # 7     A gallon of fuel saved at a roundabout saves 19.4 lbs of CO2. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)   
  4. Property Values often Improve.   Carmel, IN: (see above) property values in poor economy held steady or improved for residences adjacent to roundabouts.  Attributed to aesthetics of more greenery, less air and noise pollution, and area more walkable and bikable.
  5. Risk to Limb & Life Significantly Lowered.   “Converting intersections from traffic signals or stop signs to roundabouts reduced injury crashes 75 percent and 37 percent decrease in total crashes at 35 intersections that were converted from traffic signals to roundabouts.”  Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, question # 3,  With fewer less severe crashes, property damage and personal injury loss decreases… red-light runners not a factor… roundabouts remove much personal and family anguish.
  6. Aesthetics.     There are significant appearance differences between US41’s high speed signalization today and a slower speed multimodal corridor featuring modern roundabouts such as hardscape asphalt vs  greenery at a roundabout center and approaches with reduced traffic noise and less air pollution.
  7. Quality of Life. Consider the value of the above factors and their contributions to Sarasota livability


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