by Category

Bikers & Pedestrians

Businesses near Roundabouts

Businesses named for nearby Roundabout 

Centers as Icons & Landmarks

Closely Separated Roundabouts


Driveways near Roundabouts

Emergency Vehicles do Roundabouts

How to Drive Roundabouts Videos

 Interchange Roundabouts

 Jingles Tv Spots, Animation for Public Awareness

 Lanes, more than Two (multi-lanes)

 Legs, more than Four


Media Reports

Not a Rotary, Not a Traffic Circle

No Red Light Cameras, No Traffic Signals

 Older Road Users

 Public Attitude

Railroads Near and Thru Roundabouts

Road Diet Roundabouts (4 lanes to 2)

Roundabout Shapes


 School sites


      High Schools

      Middle Schools

    Elementary Schools

Snow Plows do Roundabouts

State DOT Maps & Lists

State & Local Pics & Videos & Websites

State Roundabout Priority Policies

Florida 2013 Intersection Design Guide   5. Roundabout: Due to substantial safety characteristics, and potentially significant                         operational and capacity advantages, the modern  Roundabout is a preferred traffic control mode for any new road or                               construction project.  Roundabouts should be considered as                 an alternative to all the other traffic control modes described                 above. The FHWA’s adopted NCHRP Report 672 – Roundabouts: An                 Informational Guide, has been adopted by the State of Florida for the                 implementation of Roundabouts, subject to specific conditions                           provided in Chapter 7 of this Guide, Plans Preparation Manual,                           Florida Greenbook, and FDOT Design Standards.


 Trucks & Oversized Vehicles

U-turn by Roundabout

 Webcams on Roundabouts

BONUS –  Study Sites, e.g. DOTs, FHWA, TRB, IIHS

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  1. Another Roundabout corridor……Shiloh Road corridor in Billings MT. Eight multilane Rdbts in 4 miles.

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