CITY’s MPO Priorities

US41Momentum is urging the Sarasota City (&County) Commissions to submit this spring  to the MPO to prioritize funding for key segments of the US41 Multimodal Corridor:

Situation: Each spring, each Sarasota & Manatee County jurisdiction submits to the MPO projects it wants prioritized for funding from allocated state/fed roadway money. The MPO board of elected officials then prioritizes who gets funded. In April each jurisdiction submits projects for funding five years out, FY 2018, in certain MPO funding boxes: A) Congestion Management System (CMS)  project cap $1 million, B) US41 Multimodal Emphasis Corridor (MMEC) no cap.  The MPO is required to set its priorities by July 1 for FY 2018.

Given our shared mobility objectives for Sarasota, US41Momentum recommends that those in downtown and county leadership positions, individually and through their organizations, directly encourage the City Commission to direct staff to submit the following projects to the MPO now:


  • US41@Ringling Blvd:

Roundabouts work best in series, i.e. when not interrupted by a signalized intersection.  Integral to the City’s Bayfront Connectivity Plan, the MPO has already prioritized funding for roundabouts at US41@ Main and @ Orange. US41@ Ringling Blvd also marries the “complete street” series of modern roundabouts on Ringling Blvd @ Palm and @ Pineapple, as well as the City has already directed staff to submit Ringling Blvd @ Orange Ave in this 2013 window. To sync construction at these intersections along the Bayfront, the City could “advance fund” with the $ returned to the City from the FDOT in an out year  cycled by the MPO.

  • First @ Pineapple Ave & First @ Cocoanut Ave

The First Street corridor from Selby Library to US41 offers significant downtown economic vitality potential by creating safe walk-ability to downtown restaurants & retailers that passes the hotel planned to open December 2014 at First @ Cocoanut … and on to a potential mid-block safe pedestrian crossing to/from the Ritz hotel.


  • US41 @ 47th Street  (MPO Prioritized June 24, 2013)

This intersection is the entry to Water Tower Park and is positioned more or less equidistant between the US41@Myrtle (already MPO funded) and a US41@Univ Prkwy roundabout (County Commission has directed staff to submit).   The 47th Street position between the roundabouts to the north and south completes an all-user well-landscaped North Trail corridor from Univ Parkway into downtown Sarasota, with center island icon potential marking the entry to Water Tower Park. (see icon examples at If an MPO MMEC priority, normally initial planning would begin i n 2018 with construction several years later.

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