MPO Multimodal Keys

MPO US41 Multimolal Corridor graphicThe US41 Multimodal Emphasis Corridor (MMEC) runs  through  both Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Sarasota City & County have common interest in priority funding  the FDOT’s US41 MMEC segment from University Parkway to Bee Ridge.

MMEC Guiding Principles, Qualifying Projects and Program Policies at MPO_MEC_Principles_Projects                                                                                      OR  MPO website

As depicted (at in the 2035 Financially Feasible Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), the US 41 MMEC extends from 17th Street in the City of Palmetto to the Charlotte County line, including Business 41 in Bradenton
and Venice, as well as the Venice Bypass. To fund projects within the US
41 MMEC, the 2035 LRTP designated a “boxed” fund similar to that
which is used for the existing Congestion Management System program (CMS).
However, unlike the CMS, the US 41 MMEC program will require an
enhanced methodology for project selection that evaluates and prioritizes
projects that improve balanced access to the corridor by all modes, are
context sensitive, and take into consideration the existing and future land
use plans in each corridor segment.

In the 2035 LRTP, the US 41 MMEC is divided into ten (10) segments,
roughly along city/county jurisdictional lines. Proposed projects by the
local jurisdictions in the US 41 MMEC will entail elements that could
include improved signage, pavement markings, and modern roundabouts,
and medians, lane modifications, on-street parking, transit facilities,
operational strategies and other measures to enhance mobility and provide
balanced access for all modes.

MPO 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (2035 LRTP)

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