Compress the MPO and FDOT calendar to accomplish:

  • A working US41 multimodal corridor from 10th to 14th streets by FY 2014/15 as momentum model
  • Concurrent construction of US41 roundabouts at Fruitville Road, Gulfstream, Main Street to extend 10th Street and 14th Street multimodal corridor southward.
  • North Trail MPO funding priority calendared for roundabout nodes with multimodal corridor approaches at University Parkway, 47th Street, Myrtle, & MLK.
  •  US 41 Bayfront Congestion Management System (CMS) to complete the Bayfront Connectivity Plan by 2014/15 at US41/Main. City submit Ringling Blvd at US41 to MPO in 2014 for funding.
  • At the earliest, FDOT to complete construction and open the four-lane US41 Multimodal Corridor, with safe smooth flow for all users on foot on wheels, from University Parkway through 47th, Myrtle, MLK, 14th, 10th, Fruitville, Gulfstream, Main, Ringling Blvd, & Orange.

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