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For: Sarasota Commercial Realtors

RE:  Commercial Real Estate and Modern Roundabouts

A prominent Sarasota commercial realtor was heard to say a client has never brought up a roundabout in considering a Sarasota property location.

They will.

The US41 North Trail MultiModal Corridor from 14th Street thru University Parkway has been awarded priority funding by the Sarasota Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization and is now in FDOT planning.

A Roundabout’s Primary Commercial Benefits:

  • 1.      Easier Safer Customer Access to and from businesses.
  • 2.      Businesses More NoticeableSlower traffic makes      signage & frontage more visible.
  • 3.      Shorter Safer Crossing Distances for walker and biker access.
  • 4.      Improved Customer Comfort with landscaped centers, slowed movement, less noise.

Proof Business Will Be Better after Roundabouts:

Some USA Roundabout Corridors Accessing Businesses:

 §  Benderson’s University Prkwy Town Center.
§  Prairie Star Parkway, Lenexa, KS,
§  Banks Street etc., Jackson, MS
§  County Road, Mt. Horab, WI 
§  Rocky Mountain/McWhinney, Loveland, CO

Example: Restaurants like being at or near Roundabouts.

USA Restaurants have “claimed” sites on or near roundabouts for location ID and/or for the scene (Café Americano & First Watch).2012-03-18 10.17.48

The four North Trail modern roundabout nodes at MLK, Myrtle, 47th Street, and University Parkway in Sarasota’s US41 Multimodal Corridor are integral to the Economic Revitalization of Sarasota’s US41 and Downtown – a primary objective of the US41 Bayfront Connectivity Plan and the North Trail Redevelopment Partnership.  The US41 Momentum Team is dedicated to supporting that objective.

Some clipped and web linked commercial real estate USA roundabout experience as collected at

 ~  the US41Momentum team ~               

One response to “Real Estate

  1. Rod and i had gotten to know each other through roundabouts over last number of years…I was sad to hear he had passed away last year.
    Great to see his wonderful web site is still and up and active.
    Mark Johnson
    MTJ Roundabout Engineering
    608 238 5000

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